Star Force Enhancement

As we progress on to make MapleStorySEA a better place for everyone, the equipment upgrade UI has been updated to include something more than just the Spell Trace system:

Introducing, the Star Force Enhancement!

With this new system implementation in place, further enhancing your equipment has never been much easier!

Enhance up to 20 stars!

Go beyond the current limit and enhance your equipment up as high as possible!

Better & Safer Enhancement!

There is always a concern for the safety of the equipment whenever it fails an equipment enhancement. But not to worry, with this update, your equipment are now alot safer to enhance!

Equipment Trace

Destroying an item via the Star Force Enhancement leaves you with an Equipment Trace – it retains the equipment’s scrolled stats and potential. Simply fuse the trace into another equipment of the same type and you’re all ready to go full force on enhancements again!

Welcome the new Cross World attraction – Star Planet!

An entertainment ground full of dazzling colours on display, this is where you can meet players from every world! Compete and challenge each other to the various games available:

  • Star Game of Yut
  • Star One Card
  • Keyboard Defense
  • Star Monsteropoly
  • Win-Streak! Rock-Paper-Scissors

Be either among the top 100 players in Star Planet or top 5 scorers from each competitive game and you will be chosen as a Shining Star!

Beasts of Fury

Somewhere in Mu Lung, two masters – Gold Dragon and Red Tiger have opened their own dojos for players to join. You can only pick one faction, and then train hard to be able to beat the master of the dojo!