Terms and Conditions

  • @Cash Prepaid Card

    The following terms apply specifically to your purchase and use of Asiasoft @Cash Prepaid Card (”@Cash Prepaid Card”): The @Cash Prepaid Card is for sale in Singapore and Malaysia only. Asiasoft does not warrant the validity of the @Cash Prepaid Card if purchased outside the territories of Singapore and Malaysia. @Cash Prepaid Card holds no cash value.

  • Using Your @Cash Prepaid Card

    The @Cash Prepaid Card allows you to charge your Asiasoft Passport Account with the amount of @Cash Credits stated on the face of the card. @Cash Credits allows you to redeem game credits, at a pre-determined rate, for products and services provided by Asiasoft Online. Rates are subjected to changes at any time without notice at the sole discretion of Asiasoft. The @Cash Prepaid Card cannot be used for any other purpose unless otherwise stated in an official media authorized or hosted by Asiasoft. In order to use the @Cash Prepaid Card, you must successfully register for an Asiasoft Passport Account. You may register an account without charge at https://passport.asiasoft.net.

  • Converting your @Cash to Maple Cash

    Once @Cash Credits have been converted to Maple Cash successfully, the conversion process is irreversible. Therefore, please be careful to check your conversion amount and designated game accounts.

  • Checking your @Cash Credit Balance

    You may check your @Cash Credit Balance by logging in into your Asiasoft Passport Account at https://passport.asiasoft.net and select the “Transaction History” option.  You may also check the transaction history and usage of your @Cash Credits.

  • Expiration of your @Cash Prepaid Card

    Your @Cash Prepaid Card must be activated within the Expiry Date printed on the card (the “Expiry Date”).  Once you have activated your @Cash Prepaid Card, your @Cash credits are valid for 365 days after the date of activation (“the activation period”).

    Your @Cash credits are valid for 365 days after the date of top-up. Each topping up of @Cash record will have its 365 days of expiry. You are to utilise @Cash credits before it expired.

    Under no circumstances will Asiasoft provide refunds for unused @Cash Credits remaining at the end of the activation period or the card’s Expiry Date.

  • Termination

    If your Asiasoft Passport Account is terminated for any reason by Asiasoft Online, no refunds, including unused @Cash credits, will be granted.  You understand that your Asiasoft Passport Account can be terminated by Asiasoft Online if Asiasoft Online determines, in its sole discretion that you are in breach of the terms stated in the Terms of Use of Asiasoft Passport or in this Agreement.