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@Cash Charging Guide  Game Cash Conversion Guide

In MapleSEA, you need Maple Cash to purchase items from the Cash Shop. @Cash is conveniently available through various gateways including authorized retailers, credit cards, kiosk and mobile.

Please select your preferred payment method below for more information on the top-up method:

Step 1:
Visit and choose that game that you wish to top-up for.


Step 2:
On the Asiasoft Passport Login page, enter your Login ID, Password, Capcha code as shown and click on "Login".


Step 3:
Under @Cash, click on "Buy Game Cash".


Step 4:
Choose the game that you would like to convert. MapleSEA is used as the example here.


Step 5:
Click on the "Charge" link beside the Game Login IDs shown to top-up your Game Cash.


Step 6:
Key in the amount of @Cash that you wish to convert and click on "Next".
Note: Please be aware that currently the minimum conversion amount is 1,000 @Cash.
If you wish to convert all @Cash to Game Cash, click the "Convert all @Cash to Wallet" button as shown in the image.
Note: Once @Cash is converted, this process is irreversible.


Step 7:
Verify the amount you wish to convert, then enter the verification code and click on "Confirm" to complete the conversion process.

a. Convert partial @Cash to Game Cash


b. Convert All @Cash to Game Cash


Step 8:
Upon a successful conversion, you will see a summary page containing the transaction details.

An email with the transaction details will also be sent to your registered email account.


You can check the @Cash Transaction History to view your conversion history.

If you encountered any error messages while performing the conversion, please contact our @Cash Support team via iBox.

Images used are for illustration purposes only and are subjected to change without notice.