Top-Up - Online Payment

How to Top-Up using mPayment

image 1. Login to with your Asiasoft Passport Login ID and Password.
image 2. Under @Cash, select mPayment.
image 4. Select the currency you wish to pay.
image 5. Pay with your credit card. We accept payment with Visa and Mastercard.


Converting @Cash to Maple Cash

image1. In order to use the @Cash in the game, it must first be converted to Maple Cash.

Learn how to convert @Cash to Maple Cash.
image2. After converting successfully, you may now proceed to the Cash Shop in the game and start shopping with your Maple Cash!


Why can't I see my @Cash in Cash Shop?

  1. Check your Transaction History within your Asiasoft Passport to see whether the charging was successful.
  2. You may try accessing the Cash Shop a few times or change a channel before doing so.
  3. You may email if you encounter any other problem in charging @Cash.